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Product Updates - August 31, 2022

As a business owner, you will face countless choices from the day you choose your business name till the glorious day you transfer ownership to one of your children and look for a lovely beach house to retire from.

However, not everyone gets that good ending, and this is because of the wrong choices they make during their business journey. To achieve your goals, accomplish your dreams and take your business from an idea to a global franchise, you need to start by finding the right partner.

It would help if you had a surebanker you could depend on and who has your back every step. It would help if you had someone with your best intentions the second you chose them to open up a business account in your name.

We’re not going to start a sermon on why we are the best, but in this article, best believe we’re going to share why we think we’re the best choice you can make for your business. 

What’s so great about a Moniepoint business account?

1: It’s completely free.

For starters, it doesn’t cost you one naira to open a Moniepoint Business account. Register on the Moniepoint Nigeria website like any other website; in a minute, your business is live and ready to receive the countless benefits that Moniepoint offers. Are you a serial entrepreneur? You’re lucky because Moniepoint lets you operate and manage your several businesses under a single account, which is also completely free. 

2: You get more payment options for your business. 

Moneipoint business owners can accept payments from their customers via POS card and transfer payments, Web payments and even bank transfers. This allows you to accept payments from your customers safely, seamlessly, and anywhere in the world. The best part is that all payments are processed instantly, and you can receive your payments into your business accounts in no time. 

3: Get short and long-term loans for all your business needs.

Another of Moniepoint’s impressive offerings is easy-to-access loans. When you open an account with moniepoint, you can request a loan to support the growth and expansion of your business. Whether you need an overdraft to manage your day-to-day expenses or you need a business expansion loan to open a new branch or purchase some equipment, by opening a Moniepoint account, you can always find a loan that meets your needs

4: Get professional tools to make managing your business almost automatic 

From detailed research, we’ve discovered that the difficulty in managing their business stops business owners from achieving success and actualizing their dreams. As the world develops, keeping track of all the moving parts of your business is becoming harder. Moniepoint provides a solution by placing your entire business at your fingertips. You get real-time analytics of your cash flow so you can see your company’s health and performance at a glance. You also get assistance with money management through our brand-new expense cards. With expense cards, you can assign funds to different core activities that your business needs. This makes sure you only load cards with the specific amount needed, which is a lifesaver for anyone struggling with making budgets. If you would like to learn more about expense cards, click here.

Besides all Moniepoint offers, opening a business account generally opens you up to myriad benefits. Like;

  1. It makes you more accountable
  2. It separates your personal and business finances
  3. Your business gets a name that can be marketed, and people can grow to trust
  4. It makes you more professional 

Today’s most successful companies weren’t built by owners who did it all independently. They had a surebanker that supported their growth when they made the brave decision to start a business. You can choose your surebanker, too, by opening a Moniepoint account today and exploring the several solutions to power your business dreams. Check out this guide on how to open a moniepoint business account.

Ready to get started? Click here to begin. 

Reach out to us on support@moniepoint.com for any questions.

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