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Product Updates - November 29, 2022

As part of our yearly attempt to measure our performance, we like to get feedback from you, our valued agents. We have two surveys that we need you to fill to help us highlight areas where we excelled as well as areas where we need improvement.

Table of Contents

Survey 1

As essential stakeholders of our business, you can tell it came as a shock when we realised that you, our agents felt the least appreciated. In the process of building Moniepoint, we can’t accept the fact that we aren’t doing enough to make you understand how important you are to us.

If you don’t feel this is the case, we hope you can challenge this idea in the survey below. However, if you feel we might not have done enough to show our regard for you, let’s know where we didn’t do enough and let’s know how we can improve.

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Survey 2

After a long year of promoting the countless benefits Moniepoint offers, we’d like to know the impact of our marketing efforts. Kindly fill out the survey below to share your honest thoughts on the campaigns that we unveiled this year.

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