We made bookkeeping faster With QR Codes

Product Updates - December 7, 2022

Manually taking records of every transaction is now a thing of the past. With the new update, QR codes appear on the receipt of every transaction. This is a time saver for merchants. Now, with a simple scan, you can record the details of every transaction in seconds. 

Of course, as a new feature, QR code printing is off by default. To enable this feature:

1. Navigate to settings

2. Click on Terminal Receipt Configuration

3. Select preferred fields and enter delimiter. The delimiter is semi-colon by default and can be any unique character.

You can choose which fields you want the QR code to print out for every transaction. The fields you can choose from are:

1. Terminal ID

2. Terminal Serial

3. Masked Pan

4. RRN

5. Stan

6. Amount

7. Transaction Code

8. Date

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