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Moniepoint Newsletters - November 9, 2022

We care about your business just as much as you care about ours. This is evident with the updates that provide solutions to problems you might not know we are listening closely to. One of the most common problems would be bank network downtimes.

We’ve solved the problem of doing guesswork when transacting with other banks in Nigeria by giving you live updates on when a bank’s network is down or not. By sending these live updates straight to your Whatsapp, you can confidently perform transactions without worrying about the unfortunate chance of having failed transactions that trap money and mess up the flow of your business day. 

Getting live updates about a bank network going through downtime doesn’t mean you avoid customers with accounts in these banks. We take the next step by contacting these banks during downtime and informing them of the current issue. This allows us to resolve their network issues faster than ever before. 

With Moniepoint, you run your business with a peace of mind we intend to maintain. With every passing day, we find new solutions to every concern you might have so that nothing stands in your way on your path to making your business dreams a reality. 

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