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Product Updates - November 18, 2022

Uploading your KYC documents helps us know you as a business owner better and how to best serve you. To know what documents you need to upload, follow these simple steps below

  1. Take a picture of your face using our face-capturing tool in a well-lit room
  2. Upload a clear image of your valid original identification documents

*Do not upload expired documents*

  1. Upload scanned images of only original documents (not photocopies).

            *Do not upload scanned copies of any photocopied document*

  1. Ensure all edges of uploaded documents are captured within the document’s frame.
  2. Upload and submit only approved documents like a valid NIN slip, intl. passport, PVC or driver’s license

Please contact us if you have any issues or need help completing the KYC documentation process at support@moniepoint.com.

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