Terminal unblock for multiple wrong business pin entry.

Product Updates - December 21, 2022

We usually block a user’s profile when the business pin trial limit is exceeded, discouraging businesses from using the terminal. With this new update, the user can use the terminal and carry out transactions not requiring a business pin.

Some of the transactions requiring a business pin are:

  1. Account Balance
  2. Statement of Account
  3. Bill Payment
  4. Transfer
  5. Airtime purchase
  6. POS transfer (reject)
  7. Monnify collections
  8. Card transfers

Transactions that do not require a business pin:

  1. Admin: Sync and keys download
  2. Withdrawal Authentication
  3. Printing of Receipt: End-of-Day printing and Reprint last receipt
  4. Request for Refund
  5. POS transfer (accept)
  6. Check the balance
  7. Network

To reset the business pin:

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Click on security
  3. Click on Reset transaction pin
  4. Enter the password and new pin.

When the user changes the business pin, the PIN will be reset, and transactions will be unblocked upon profile download.

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