Terminal Blocked? No Problem!

Moniepoint Newsletters - December 7, 2022

When you exceed your Business PIN trial limit, you usually expect to be blocked entirely from using the terminal. However, with Moniepoint, a blocked terminal doesn’t mean a blocked business day. Before opting to unblock the terminal, you can still carry out deposit and withdrawal transactions. What you can’t do is make transfers out of your account. 

Once your terminal is blocked, it can no longer perform the following transactions:

1. Account Balance

2. Statement of Account

3. Bill Payment

4. Transfer

5. Airtime purchase

6. POS transfer (reject)

7. Monnify collections

8. Card transfers

To access these transactions once more, you simply need to reset your business PIN. To reset the business pin:

1. Navigate to settings

2. Click on security

3. Click on Reset transaction pin

4. Enter the password and new pin.

A simple reset will give you total access to all the transactions your business needs whenever your terminal gets blocked from too many failed attempts to input your PIN. 

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