Protect your revenue and onboard more Merchant Businesses now.

Product Updates - December 7, 2022

In light of the recent CBN policy, BRMs are mandated to aggressively onboard only merchant businesses. 

Cash-in-Cash-out agents will likely be impacted by the new CBN policy that will take effect on January 9, 2023.

Once again, do not be caught unawares! Protect your commission by working to onboard MERCHANT BUSINESSES ONLY

In case you are yet to see the CBN policy, see a summary below:

1. Maximum over-the-counter withdrawals of N100,000 for individuals and N500,000 for corporate organisations.

2. Maximum cash withdrawals via POS terminals of N20,000 daily per individual.

Please note, actively retrieve your terminals from inactive or underperforming businesses and assign them to quality merchants to keep up your TA.

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