Overdrafts – How to avoid PNDS

Moniepoint Newsletters - November 9, 2022

Getting your business owners approved for overdrafts is quick and easy, provided you follow the instructions below. Business owners must also be willing to fulfil the address verification requirement, which is a new addition to the KYC process. 

Please bear in mind that as a business relationship manager, you are not directly responsible for your business owner’s ability to repay their loan. Your account will only receive a PND if you are suspected of fraudulent activities or fail to follow any of the steps below.  

To request an overdraft approval, you must:

  • Verify the Business Owner’s address
  • Ensure  that as a BRM, you are not giving multiple loans to the same Business Owner

A Business Owner will get access to more overdrafts on the following basis;

  • Inflow performance
  • Growth of the business. 

Please note that you can set a cap on the growth of the Business Owner’s overdraft access during approval.

To recover a default, you must:

While it is the job of the loan recovery team to recover loan repayments that have gone into default, as a Business Relationship Manager, you have your responsibility to;

  • Physically visit the Business Owner’s location with the recovery team if the need arises
  • Remain reachable in the event you need to be contacted 

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