Non-Performing Terminal Retrieval Limit Now 10 Terminals Per Week

Product Updates - November 22, 2022

Our new directive for BRMs came due to the large number of inactive terminals within the distribution network. Despite announcing our new directive last week, we recorded a growth in dormant terminals from 116,425 to 118,151 last week. The goal was to inform BRMs of the need to improve performance for the benefit of their business. 

However, to give business owners a chance to improve their performance, we’re limiting the number of terminals retrieved per week. The current limit is ten terminals per week, which can be done without approvals. 

If and when you need to retrieve more than the set number of terminals, you’ll need to email the growth team, copy your state coordinators, the Moniepoint support team and, Oluwatosin Yusuf (Unit Head, Head Office Support Operation) for approvals. 

Our directive aims to drive down non-performing terminals and increase the number of terminals available to BOs.

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