New updates on the BRM dashboard!

Product Updates - December 21, 2022

Our newest updates were designed to make managing your merchants as a BRM easier. Our latest updates are:

  • Auto Terminal Insurance
  • Terminal Activation Fee Waiver
  • Price Concession
  • Auto Terminal Insurance 

Auto terminal insurance means that for a BRM to activate a terminal, they simply need to fund their account with the insurance charge of N21,500 for it to take effect. 

  • Terminal Activation Fee Waiver

You can now offer terminals to your merchants without them paying the activation fee or paying a partial amount using the Terminal Activation Fee Waiver.

This can be selected based on an agreement with the merchant

However, for this to be successful, the State coordinator must approve and then assign the terminal to the BRM dashboard

  • Price Concession

The new fee concession feature offers competitive transaction charges for your top merchants from your dashboard. To create a fee concession for your business owner, follow these steps;

  • Login to your BRM dashboard and click on businesses (on the left menu dropdown).
  • Select the business and choose the ‘Request Fee Concession’ option.
  • Under ‘Price Plan’, select your preferred pricing plan and click next.
  • Upload all necessary documents, click “Next”, and provide a comment for SC approval.
  • Click “Next” to submit the request and wait for approval of the price concession.

Price concession is exclusive to top merchants who generate a high volume of transactions. Due to their outstanding performance, they can request that charges on their transactions are lower than our default price of 0.5%.

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