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Business Tips - November 20, 2023

moniepoint referral program

In a world where financial transactions often feel routine, what if we told you that every transaction your customers make could now be a source of excitement and rewards? 

At Moniepoint, we’ve just launched a new initiative – The Moniepoint Refer and Earn! 

It is a program where you, as a Business Owner or a Moniepoint agent, get rewarded for every transaction made by people who download, sign up, and transact on the Moniepoint Personal Banking app through your referral code/link. 

Before we dive into the details of The Refer & Earn, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the unsung heroes of our success – YOU, our cherished customers.

Without your trust, loyalty, and transactions, Moniepoint wouldn’t be the thriving entity it is today. This program is our way of expressing gratitude and ensuring that your journey with us is not just transactional but also rewarding.

We’ve crafted this initiative with the understanding that your involvement and loyalty deserve more than just a thank you.

It’s a symbiotic relationship where, as you use our platform, we want to reciprocate in a way that adds value to your financial journey. Remember, at Moniepoint, we are all about POWERING DREAMS. 

From our Refer and Earn program, you get a unique referral code/link that you can share with your customers.

Once your customers sign up using the link and start transacting with the Moniepoint Personal Banking app, you get 5 naira per every interbank transaction that they carry out for the next 12 months.

As long as you have the Moniepoint Business Banking app, you can access your personal referral link/code in the Referral Section. 

Case Study: How The Moniepoint Referral Program Works

Monica is a shop owner and she uses the Moniepoint Business Banking app for all her transactions as well as the Moniepoint POS. She has activated her unique Moniepoint Referral Code or Link in the referral section of the app, in the Profile section. Monica sends the link to all her customers when they come in the store.

If Monica gets 200 people to sign up and start transacting with their accounts in the first month, she is projected to earn about 25,000 Naira in the first month.

If Monica puts in the same effort and gets the same amount of people in the second month, she is projected to earn about 50,000 Naira. 

If Monica continues at this rate, she will get about 100,000 Naira by the fourth month; and the cycle continues.   

Sounds juicy? Let’s get started! 

The above calculations have been done based on the average number of interbank transfers users carry out per month. The amount to be earned can vary depending on the number of transactions your own referees carry out and how long they stick to Moniepoint Personal App as their main banking app. 

Getting Started

To be a part of our refer to earn program, here’s what you should do: 

1: Get your referral link: To get your referral link, log in to your dashboard. From the side menu, scroll down to the tab ‘Earn money’ and click on ‘Referrals.’ On the screen that shows up, you will be able to see your referral code and link.

2: Start sharing: Now that you’ve gotten your referral link and code, start sharing with customers and all those around you. Also, ensure that they not only download with your link, but they make transactions using the app. 

Moniepoint’s Refer to Earn Initiative is the perfect blend of simplicity and rewards. By sharing the ease of Moniepoint with your network, you not only enhance their financial experience but also unlock exclusive rewards for yourself. 

What are you waiting for? 

Start sharing your referral link now to earn! 

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