Managing your Terminal PIN 

Product Updates - December 13, 2022

This feature helps protect the terminal from users without proper authorisation. The business owner would not have to share the Business PIN with staff.

The following are now tied to the terminal pin:

  1. Admin: Sync and keys download
  2. Withdrawal Authentication
  3. Printing of Receipt: End-of-Day printing and Reprint last receipt
  4. Request for Refund

The Terminal PIN defaults to the Business PIN until the user changes the pin.

To change the default PIN:

  1. Business owner logs in to web account
  2. Navigate to POS and click on a terminal
  3. Click on Change terminal pin
  4. Enter OTP, business pin and new terminal pin to change pin.

Note: The Terminal pin is 5 characters if it has been changed from the Business PIN.

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