How to print your POS Transfer Account Details 

Product Updates - November 29, 2022

At Moniepoint, we made it our mission to make running your business easy and more efficient. This is evident in our new update because you can print out the account details for your POS and place them anywhere in your establishment for a more convenient process. 

To print out your POS Transfer Account Details, you need to:

  • Login to your Moniepoint front office, and click on the sidebar (three parallel bars at the top left),
  • Under the ‘Channels’ category, click on POS,
  • Then under assigned terminals, click on the ‘eye’ icon to the left of the screen,
  • A POS terminal information is displayed, then click on ‘Print POS transfer account details,
  • Take the downloaded PDF document to a printer, print and display it at your preferred position in-store for customers to make transfers with ease.

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