How to effectively sell to Merchants

Moniepoint Newsletters - November 10, 2022

Selling is an art form with tried and tested principles that guide it. When you take these principles to heart, you can effectively sell to anyone with enough patience and effort. The principles that make you an expert in selling to merchants can be broken down into 3 Ds.

  1. Discover a Problem

Spend a little time observing the Merchant business to discover a problem. Discuss with the staff of the business to further understand the problem.

E.g. If the staff complains continuously about how the POS they have is faulty or slow, it may mean that they may have a problem with their network speed.

  1. Determine what solution or solutions the business needs

Read up on the benefits of each Moniepoint product and align with the right product to solve the business problem(s) you have discovered.

E.g. If in conversation with the Business Owner, you notice that he mentions something about managing expenses, this means that the right Moniepoint product to sell to that person is an expense card 1st and not a POS terminal.

  1. Deploy the Solution

Approach the merchants and share how your product can solve the problem you have noticed.

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