How Popular Businesses Increase Returning Customers

Business Tips - November 4, 2022

No successful business thrives on a one-time customer.  For your business to stand the test of time and be profitable, you need customers to keep coming back, and when they do, you need them to bring some of their friends.

So, how can you get customers to return?

  1. Make customer experience a priority. 

Beyond a fantastic product and a great offer, customers’ biggest reason to return to a particular business lies in their experience the first time they patronise it.

Customers are most likely to return to a business where they feel welcomed and are treated right. Your business should be about everything from quick replies to their inquiries to meeting agreed delivery times and ensuring the entire process of ordering an item from you is stress-free.

You need to invest in your customer service and make sure every time a customer 

interacts with your business, they get to leave with a memorable experience.

  1. Introduce a loyalty program 

A loyalty system is where you reward your customers for their continuous patronage. You need to build a reward system where customers can earn a certain reward for a repeat purchase. 

For example, customers can get a gift card or a percentage off their 5th purchase.  Customers can even accumulate points to use at the end of a certain period.

This is one way to keep customers loyal to the brand and to get them to become brand ambassadors for free.

  1. Create a promotional calendar

We all love promotions. To get customers to love you, you must give them what they love “freebies.”

You can set up a monthly, seasonal, or weekly promotional calendar customers can look forward to.

Setting a fixed calendar for your promotions makes your business look consistent. This way, customers have a reason to look forward to patronising you. 

Try these tips and share your feedback with us.

What other ways do you use to ensure customers return to your business? Reach out to us on for any questions

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