How Moniepoint almost lost it all

Business Stories - June 24, 2022

Behind the walls of a flat in 1004, Tosin Eniolorunda and a small team of four envisioned TeamApt.  What began as a mission of self-fulfillment evolved into an ongoing passion to completely digitize the African continent. Together they built Moniepoint, a digital banking service that is to this day accomplishing the team’s goals of spreading financial happiness and empowering the lives of millions of people. 

Now processing over a billion dollars annually, discover the triumphs that gave the company global recognition, the failures that almost robbed them of everything, and most importantly, the mindset that catapulted a small team of young individuals to create what is now the biggest fintech in the whole of Africa. 

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  • Okafor esther January 11, 2023 at 12:46 pm

    This is a really touching story but consistency is still the key to greatness , may God continue to bless moniepoint.

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