Everything you need to know about the Moniepoint POS App’s new security features

Product Updates - October 25, 2022

The Moniepoint POS terminal is currently one of the most secure POS terminals in Nigeria today, with the deployment of the new POS app update tagged version 1.3.6. 

This update was deployed to address some of the security concerns people faced with other terminals in the market. Below are some security benefits of using a Moniepoint POS Terminal based on this new update.

The 1.3.6 Version of our POS App is our answer to those questions about security you thought we weren’t paying attention to. To discover what this new version brings and the amazing features designed to increase the protection of your business, you need to update your app.

So what’s new with Version 1.3.6?

  1. Set or change your Terminal’s PIN

With the new version, you can set a PIN to increase the protection of your terminal significantly and make sure only you can get access to it.

If you feel too many people know your PIN, or perhaps you chose an easy-to-guess PIN, the new update lets you change this PIN anytime afterwards.

To set or change the terminal PIN, follow these  quick steps;

  • Log into the business user account on the web/app.
  • Next, click on POS from the menu page (the three dash lines at the top of the screen) and click ‘view more.’
  • Click on ‘Change Terminal PIN’, and an OTP is generated and sent to your phone number.
  • Input OTP and Click’ Next’
  • Input your ‘Business PIN’ (Transfer PIN – 4 digits) and new ‘Terminal PIN’ (5 digits) 
  • Click on ‘Proceed’ to update your terminal PIN.
  • Then restart your Terminal to access your admin page and print the last receipt and EOD (End-of-Day) statement using your Terminal PIN.
  1. Terminal Sounds

For an even greater level of security, our new update allows your POS Terminal to make sounds when any action is taken in the transaction process. The sound comes on when a customer is inputting their PIN or when the customer is trying to change the amount initially put on the terminal. This will allow you to know what is happening on your terminal, even when you are not looking. 

To set or edit your device sound for enhanced security, follow these steps;

  • On the homepage, Click the ‘More’ option.
  • Clicks on ‘Admin’ and enter your terminal PIN (5 digits password)
  • Select ‘Update device sound duration’ and choose a preferred sound level and save
  • Your device security beeps when a customer cancels or seems to tamper with your transaction.
  1. Accept a previously rejected transfer. 

If a transfer gets rejected unintentionally, you don’t have to start from the beginning to fill out the form; you can skip that process and retry the transfer.

To accept a rejected POS Transfer (if the transfer rejection was unintentional);

  • Click on the POS transfer feature on the homepage
  • Click on ‘Declined Transfers’
  • Scroll down to choose the retry reversal option or accept the POS transfer 
  • Please note these buttons will only be shown if automatic retries for the transfer have elapsed.

4. View your Account Statement

With the new update, you can get an overview of your transaction history. Now you can view a list of transactions and even check your account’s current balance. 

To view the account statement for transaction details, follow these quick steps;

  • Click on ‘More’ on the homepage of your Terminal.
  • Click on ‘Account’, then click on ‘Business Account.’
  • Enters business pin (transfer pin – 4 digits)
  • Clicks on ‘Account Statement’ to view the list of previous transactions, including balance before and balance after
  • Click on ‘Show Details’ to view more information on transactions.

To update your Moniepoint POS Terminal, follow these easy steps;

  • Click on the ‘AppMarket’ icon on your Terminal.
  • Under the homepage, on the Moniepoint POS, click the ‘Update’ button
  • Confirm the update option on the following screen,
  • The Terminal app will then be updated, and you’re now ready to enjoy a more powerful payment experience.

Version 1.3.6 is another step in our journey to make running a business easier and more secure. To stay updated on our future updates, how they benefit you and how they can help you grow your business, subscribe to our newsletter! Reach out to us on support@moniepoint.com for any questions.

If you don’t have the POS terminal, check out this post how to get the Moniepoint POS terminal.

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