Compliance – Business Owners’ training.

Moniepoint Newsletters - November 15, 2022

As a Business Relationship Manager, it is essential to train newly onboarded Business Owners as required by the compliance team. The importance of these training sessions is to ensure that they do not fall victim to fraudulent activities and to understand the workings of the Moniepoint platform. This includes reaching out to the support team, protecting their personal/security details and properly using our products, features and services.

Why you should do compliance training for your BOs

Compliance training ensures that our BOs understand all the relevant regulations, policies and functions that will help them navigate the payment platform. It should give them the guidance they need to handle the most difficult situations and dilemmas they may face.

Compliance training should satisfy these training requirements;

  • Security: This training should cover keeping their transaction PIN and login credentials, including usernames, passwords and OTP, safe. BOs should NOT share this information with another party.

However, in case there’s a need to share login credentials with an assistant/staff, the BO

should immediately change these credentials once the team member is disengaged.

  • Support and issue categorisation: This training should cover how to reach out to our customer success team and properly categorise issue buckets, and quick how-tos on troubleshooting issues encountered.
  • Creation of sub-business accounts: For business owners that own multiple stores or businesses. They must get a walk-through on how to create sub-accounts for their business and move cash from one business account to another.
  • Usage of the expense cards: These are debit cards that help our BOs manage their business expenses. Hence, we must educate them on the benefits and why they should get this product.
  • Moniepoint products and services: Just as above, it is essential to educate and reeducate our customers on the benefits and usage of the Moniepoint products, features and services. Also, you must constantly remind them to use these products to grow their businesses and keep them informed about important product updates.

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