Business Management Tips – Re-energise Your Team

Moniepoint Newsletters - December 7, 2022

If your team is depleted, demotivated, and drained, you can deploy a few strategies to re-energise them. 

First, proactively initiate purpose-driven career conversations—and make them routine. People want to know they’re on a path of growth and opportunity for a more significant impact. Include caring feedback on improvement areas, so your employees are ready to take on new opportunities. 

Second, create team rituals that foster relationships and a sense of belonging. When people feel deeply connected to their peers, it energizes work and makes it more fun. You might open team meetings with prompts that ask people to share something they’re grateful for. The idea is that the team becomes a place of collective refuge and trust. 

Finally, rather than worrying about whether or not people are working enough, spend time helping people prioritize what’s most important. Help them eliminate non-value-added activities and connect each person’s work to the organization’s most important priorities. This will help create a sense of positive productivity as people engage in purposeful work rather than work for work’s sake.

This tip is adapted from “6 Ways to Reenergize a Depleted Team” by Ron Carucci and Kathleen Hogan.

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