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Product Updates - July 19, 2023

business management tips

Focus on relationships: 

Strong relationships are at the heart of building a business, and it typically falls to the entrepreneur who starts the business to manage them. Business relationships a manager needs to support include internal ones, such as relationships with employees, and external ones, such as relationships with suppliers, clients, and financiers. When relationships fall by the wayside, it tends to get harder for a business to grow or even to maintain an existing level of growth.

Set goals and delegate responsibilities: 

Avoid micromanaging by setting goals for each department and each employee. Then, delegate the responsibility for completing assigned tasks to each worker. Get feedback from the employees to ensure they feel confident of being able to achieve the assigned goals, then check in from time to time without hovering. This shows trust in each worker’s ability to succeed while maintaining a presence to help out if asked for assistance.

Measure performance regularly: 

Business records include data about how much a company is spending and earning from every possible viewpoint, so it makes sense to check out how the numbers correlate to profits and losses. Making business decisions comes down to understanding how specific actions affect company finances. The information gained from performance metrics helps a small business manager know what efforts to expand upon or move away from to achieve goals.

Pay your taxes every quarter: 

Small businesses, especially those that don’t automatically withhold taxes from employees’ income, will need to pay estimated quarterly taxes. Remember to write down the date of each payment due date so you can plan ahead and avoid the risk of forgetting.

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