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Product Updates - November 29, 2022

The Key to Networking Is Asking Good Questions

  1. Meeting new people—especially in a professional context—can feel uncomfortable and even intimidating. If the mere thought of networking triggers your anxiety, you can make a simple but powerful adjustment that will help you build new connections with confidence
  2. Ask more—and better—questions. Start by preparing what you want to ask rather than what you want to say. When you turn your focus outward rather than inward, you’ll feel more comfortable striking up conversations. 
  3. move from “small talk” to “deep talk.” In other words, go further than asking someone what they do or where they’re from. For example, you might ask, “What do you value most about your job?” or “How did you arrive at this place in your career?” Questions like these subtly demonstrate confidence and curiosity and help you build more authentic connections—while keeping your fears at bay.

This tip is adapted from “A Better Approach to Networking” by Christie Hunter Arscott.

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