Meet Chris Aire, the man who abandoned oil money.

Business Stories - June 2, 2022

The son of a wealthy oil and gas mogul and a hardworking homemaker, Chris Aire’s beginnings were anything but humble. He learned at a young age that his father’s vast empire would one day fall upon his shoulders and while in secondary school was already being trained on how to manage it.

His father’s training didn’t bring him any joy of becoming a mogul himself one day. Instead, they fanned the flames of entrepreneurship  that were stirring inside Chris and he was determined to prove himself.

Barely 18 and holding nothing more than he needed to survive, Chris abandoned his father’s wealth and traveled to the United States to further his education. He paid for his tuition and upkeep himself by taking up menial jobs in fast-food restaurants. It was while in America that he discovered his passion. Fashioning gorgeous jewelry as an apprentice of Paul Banyan of P-5 Jewelers.

It would take another 6 years of backbreaking work before Chris would accumulate enough capital to start his own business. In his 6 years of work, he had saved $5000. $5000 was all he had and all he needed to create a jewelry brand from scratch.

Sometimes you just need an unwavering dream and patience to get what you want in life. No handouts and no loans from his wealthy father.

Now a household name, Chris creates pieces from watches to chains and engagement rings worth thousands of dollars with clients such as Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Jay Z, Nelly, Usher, Celine Dion, and 50 Cent to name a few.

Would you choose to be an entrepreneur if you were born into wealth? Let us know in the comments.

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