3 Essential Skills For Every Business Owner

Business Tips - November 4, 2022

It takes more than passion to succeed in business. To succeed in business, you need to wear different hats, which might mean taking up various roles in your business. To execute these roles, you must equip yourself with the right skill set to ensure success. Beyond managing people as an…

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How popular businesses increase returning customers

Business Tips - November 4, 2022

No successful business thrives on a one-time customer.  For your business to stand the test of time and be profitable, you need customers to keep coming back, and when they do, you need them to bring some of their friends. So, how can you get customers to return? Beyond a…

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Everything you need to know about the Moniepoint POS App’s new security features

Product Updates - October 25, 2022

The Moniepoint POS terminal is currently one of the most secure POS terminals in Nigeria today, with the deployment of the new POS app update tagged version 1.3.6.  This update was deployed to address some of the security concerns people faced with other terminals in the market. Below are some…

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3 Benefits Of Hiring Your First Employee

Business Tips - October 24, 2022

Starting a business in Nigeria is a game of balance. You need to enjoy the profits of your labour, but you need to invest back into your business to have that dream life. If you are shuffling between being the accountant, the business developer, the marketer etc. Then it is…

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How POS fraud couldn’t stop her from expanding her business

Business Stories - September 16, 2022

She had abandoned everything she knew to start this business. Her husband had praised it as the easiest job to pick up and make money. Instead, it was been backbreaking labour. She was tough, she could manage that. But POS fraud? Chinwe had never pictured she would lose a whopping…

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How a man went through hell and survived

Business Stories - September 12, 2022

There was no going back. Unemployed for years, evicted from his home and unable to send his kids to school, Mr Olanrewaju could see the solution as clear as day. He was going to end his life and put himself out of his misery. How did this ambitious family man…

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Why you need a Moniepoint Business Account

Product Updates - August 31, 2022

As a business owner, you will face countless choices from the day you choose your business name till the glorious day you transfer ownership to one of your children and look for a lovely beach house to retire from. However, not everyone gets that good ending, and this is because…

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Why you need multiple payment options for your business

Business Tips - August 23, 2022

They say never put your eggs in one basket, then why will you as a business owner, rely on one method to accept payment? imagine you get a deal of 80,000 naira today, and the person wants to pay with a card and you say you don’t have POS, that…

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How to receive transfer payments with your Moniepoint POS

How Tos - August 11, 2022

As a business owner,  collecting payments is the most important aspect of your business. Why? Because the more payment options you have, the more money your business can make. Usually, customers pay with their cards if they don’t bring enough cash to buy everything they need. However, if they don’t…

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New Update: Receive Transfer payments with your POS

Product Updates - August 10, 2022

It’s not enough for Moniepoint to have a POS that is popular across Nigeria for delivering the most reliable network to transfer money, accept payments and pay bills. We have to work hard every day to learn about your needs and add new features that improve the experience of running…

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